Are you a mountain lover? Do you love exploring mountains? Here are a few tips for you. A mountain climb is always very satisfying. When you reach the top point and look around, you realize all the efforts taken to push yourself to climb the mountain was worth it. There are a lot of things that have to keep in mind when you climb a mountain. Since it’s too much of physical exertion, you should check and take precaution against any altitude sickness, nausea, ear pain (due to the difference in altitude pressure), sweating, and any other ailments. Always gear yourself up and be prepared before you climb a mountain.

Carry the right gear.


Wear light clothes that permit the freedom to move around very easily without any restrictions. Avoid clothes of any hangings that might get caught somewhere when you travel. Always wear proper shoes. Shoes would protect and support your angle very well. Your shoes are not loose but well fitting. If you’re climbing a very rocky path, carry a walking pole with you. This not only supports walking but also helps to remove any distracting objects along the way. Carry a pair of warm clothes. The air as you climb becomes thinner and thinner. Pack clothing that u can add on to your clothes when you hike. Check the weather before you decide to hike. In case the weather report shows signs of rain, carry a waterproof material with you. Carry a hat or sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes. The suns run would come very strongly at higher altitudes. Wear light coloured clothing that doesn’t absorb too much sunlight. Stay hydrated. Carry water and food when you hike. Drink ample amounts of water to keep yourself hydrated, and this continues away any signs of a headache or nausea.  Make sure that your backpack has two straps at least. This evens out the weight you carry and helps you balance well.

Prevention of altitude sickness.

Most of the altitude sickness is caused when there is a lack of oxygen.  It is advisable not to climb more than 1000 feet after u reach an altitude of 8000 feet.  If you’ve had a recent heart attack, stroke, or blood clot, it is advisable to meet a doctor first before you plan your hike. Camping at high altitudes may be difficult because of the lack of oxygen levels. This might disrupt your sleeping. Taking Acetazolamide can help u breathe well during the night. If you are iron deficient, it is advisable to take iron supplements before your climb. If you suddenly develop an altitude sickness while climbing try to descend immediately by at least 3000 feet.