If you are adventurous and love the thrill of adrenaline kicking in your body, here is everything you need to know about the most extreme sports in the world.


In paraskiing, as the name suggests, it involves both skiing and parasailing. The skiers first wear a parasail, and when they pick up sufficient speed, they are lifted up and start to soar. It combines two thrilling sports into one.  Some skiers ski from a mountaintop. They are lifted up as they reach the ground after gaining sufficient speed. Sometimes heli-skiing is combined with paragliding.

Wingsuit flying.

Here, the pilot or the jumper jumps down from a whopping height. They wear a suit that resembles a bird or maybe a flying squirrel. The suit has wings on the hands as well as between the legs. When the pilot jumps from a height, the wings spread out. There exist air pockets on the wings. Air pockets are to make the fall much slower. Usually, the pilots are carried by helicopter to a certain height and then are let to fly. With the help of a parachute they safely land on the ground.


High lining.

You must have seen people practicing slacklining on festivals or exhibitions. Here people walk on a rope tied between two ends. The risk is lower as the height to which the rope is tied much low. When the similar thing is done between two high rise buildings, then it is called high lining. Here, a rope is attached between two tall buildings or pole; the person walks across the rope from one side to the other. This sport is hence much more thrilling than slacklining. They are attached to a rope from waist to provide support and also in case of danger; this prevents them from crashing on to the ground.

Volcano surfing.

When skiing on a mountain gets monotonous, there is a new sport to excite you! Volcano surfing is just like how you ski on a mountain, except that it’s a volcano! This is one of the most extreme sports. The danger arises, as the volcano contains many sharp bits of rocks in-between. Skiing down a volcano has to be done carefully after observing its surroundings very well.


There is a clear difference between scuba diving and free diving. In scuba diving, you are physically not able to do anything if something goes wrong. The oxygen cylinders are hope as you continuously inhale oxygen even as you swim deep down the sea.  Here, in free diving, the divers disown the oxygen cylinders and dive down holding their breath. This is where it becomes more thrilling. In just one breath, the divers take a deep dive and get back on the land.