Most of us don’t normally think of snipers, I mean why would we? Right? But when we do think of snipers it’s very Hollywood style – rippled muscles, black clothes, good guys shooting bad guys, and targets being a million miles away.

While some of this description might not be off the mark other parts of it are simply not true. Snipers don’t have to serve in the army or the navy seals; in fact, they can be weekend snipers who hunt or target shoot.

When we think of snipers we think of guns but do we ever really think of the optical equipment used to assist them in their job? No probably not. While guns are a key part of what a sniper does, high-powered and accurate binoculars are just as important. In this article, we are going to look at the type of binoculars snipers use to do their job effectively.

Binoculars or optical equipment tend to differ depending on which branch of the armed forces a sniper belongs to. In fact, most snipers have high-powered binoculars and spotting scopes which they use together. However, we are going to list below the type of characteristics needed in binoculars for snipers.

Snipers use binoculars which have the following characteristics:

  • Light Gathering Ability: Light gathering and not just of the ordinary kind is needed in binoculars used by snipers. It’s light gathering of the brilliant kind that will get their job done and assist them to hit the target.
  • Night Vision: The binoculars ability to see in the dark is just as important as it is an ability to gather light during the day. Night vision is another characteristic which is important when choosing binoculars for snipping.
  • Waterproof: Most snipers have to work in a variety of harsh conditions and it is important that the binoculars are waterproof and work in rainy, humid or wet conditions.
  • Heat Resistant: These binoculars should also be heat resistant and function in hot desert-like conditions.
  • Ability to Merge With Surroundings: Most snipers choose binoculars which are not made of shining material and don’t glow in the dark. The main job of binoculars other than providing optical assistance is to merge in with the surroundings so the binoculars should be made of a material which does not attract light.
  • High Magnification: Depending on what type of a sniper you are and how far the targets tend to be, a whole range of magnification can be chosen from for the binoculars. You can buy binoculars which magnify the target by 10, 20, 30 to even 70-80 times more than what is seen by a naked eye.
  • Light Weight: Binoculars used by the snipers should be lightweight enough to be carried around easily with all the other equipment a sniper uses.
  • Made of Tough Material: The binoculars need to be made of tough material to avoid breaking and scratches so that they can operate in difficult conditions and terrains and not get broken.